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Lance Sanderson, via Twitter

High schooler Lance Sanderson suspended for attempting to bring same-sex date to homecoming

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His school’s Code of Conduct specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza, screenshot via YouTube

Memories Pizza accidentally caters a gay wedding

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Now that they’ve popped their gay wedding cherry, why not do it again?
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

Pope Francis: Government workers have a right to to refuse same-sex marriages

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The Pope’s preference for religious doctrine over the rule of law shows that he isn’t a public authority.
She's free!

Kim Davis is a Republican now, to the surprise of no one

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Kim Davis’s partisan affiliation never mattered to anyone except her (exclusively Republican) defenders.
Scanning electron micrograph of the HIV-1 virus, colored green, budding from cultured lymphocyte, via Creative Commons

This virus could be used to treat HIV

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The latest in potential outside-the-box treatments for HIV.
A same-sex couple with their adopted child, via Wikimedia Commons

The National Review has no idea why anti-gay adoption discrimination is a big deal

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You can believe that no parents are better than gay parents, but not on the government’s dime.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis to Megyn Kelly: “If I resign, I lose my voice,” proving everyone right

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That’s been the problem this entire time!
Pope Francis. Philip Chidell /

Buzzfeed denied credentials for papal visit, calls it “retaliation” for previous LGBT and Church coverage

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Pope Francis has called on Catholics to “find new roads” on social issues. Apparently his press shop didn’t hear.
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

Why isn’t the Kim Davis wing of the GOP field talking about impeachment of Supreme Court justices?

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Outside of an amendment, it’s the only constitutional option they have left. Why not bring it up?
Rainbow Doritos, via It Gets Better

It only took a couple of hours for Rainbow Doritos to send conservatives into a tizzy

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Add this to the growing list of companies that conservatives who want to believe with their dollars have to avoid.
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