Dem close to Obama: Gays are “naive”


“It certainly can’t hurt if people on our side realize the vehemence of the opposition the president faces,” a top gay Democrat close to Obama told POLITICO. “The stuff the right wing is cranking out is horrible, terrible. There are a lot of understandably impatient LGBT Americans…but while all their criticism is well-intended, some of it is politically naïve.”

I’ve been working in politics for 20 years, and quite successfully at that. I know how the system works. And it doesn’t work well when you telegraph cowardice and fear. The Obama administration would like you all to believe that your expectation that he simply keep his promises is somehow “unrealistic” and “politically naive.” And yes, it may be naive that we actually expect Barack Obama to be true to his word. But please spare us the lectures about how politics is just too confusing for we simple gay folk. We’re not new to this dance. And we’re not going to sit back when people make us concrete promises, over and over again in exchange for our vote, and then have the nerve to criticize, and condescend to, us for simply expecting them to keep their promise.

We handed the Democrats both houses of Congress and the White House. They are in no position to whine about how hard it is to legislate. It’s never been easier in a generation. Democrats need to stop whining and finding excuses, and start showing real leadership before the opportunity is lost.

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