Hello, Talibangelicals and Catholics?

I’m having a big problem with the focus of some churches. Has anyone told some of the religious right and Catholic Church members that times are tough, and people need help? While they continue to waste massive amounts of resources on supporting right wing politics, people are homeless and children go hungry.

Fortunately, there are churches, like the two little open and affirming to the LGBT community UCC churches I attend in the Tulsa area, who focus on things like feeding the homeless, local HIV/AIDS ministries and the “Food 4 Kids Backpack” program where we deliver backpacks of food to local elementary schools so children who are “food insecure” do not go hungry. Whatever the reason, some kids are not being fed properly by their parents. I don’t care why they aren’t being fed, but I feel like one hungry child in the United States is ONE CHILD TOO MANY!

Imagine if the Catholic Church and conservative Evangelicals would stop focusing on their support of right wing politics, and bashing the LGBT community, and use all that money to help feed the homeless and hungry children? Our little church started with around twenty kids, and we are now feeding over one hundred in a moderately sized suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It makes a huge difference when you focus on the right things.

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