President Obama’s accomplishments

This list is relatively long, but not very deep when you take a closer look. This list was “presented to Stonewall Democrats by the Democratic National Committee.”

For example, Obama did not extend benefits to same-sex couples of federal employees, as the list claims. Those employees were already getting those benefits, but, as the Obama administration explained it, their boss at an agency could have denied them. Also, those benefits don’t include the most obvious benefit: health insurance (DOMA prevents that, they claim – though gay legal groups say this isn’t true). Things like ‘working with’ the State Dept to end the HIV ban, when the ban hasn’t been ended, is rather silly to include. (I’m working on going to Harvard and marrying rich – come back soon.) Endorsing legislation is also meaningless, if the President isn’t actually lobbying for the legislation. Ditto for “calling” for the repeal of DOMA. What about actually pushing for it? Hosting a gay cocktail party to make up for defending DOMA in court and comparing us to incest and pedophilia – not quite sure that even deserves to be on this list. Releasing a Pride proclamation? Seriously – this is news? And coming soon: More working with Congress, but not actually pushing them to do anything.

I’m sorry, but we’re almost 1/4 of the way into this administration and they have done nothing on any of their main promises to our community. The year is 2009, not 1993. Rehashing things that Bill Clinton already did 16 years ago is not progress.

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