Mary Cheney’s Secret Service taxi service

I happened to flip on the television and saw a little nugget of information regarding Mary Cheney, Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter. They were discussing the White House party crashers, who I feel MUST be charged for the fashion felony of the Mrs. wearing that horrible red dress to a White House state dinner. (Well, okay, the dress wasn’t that bad. It was the fact that her platinum blond hair really clashed with it. Can you tell this is a gay blog?) Morning Joe’s guest had written a book about the Secret Service and just dropped the bomb that Mary Cheney got the leader of her Secret Service detail replaced (fired) because he wouldn’t organize her detail as a taxi service for her and her friends.

Don’t forget that the Cheneys are desperately trying to market daughter Liz, “The Straight One,” who never heard a Cheney lie too small to not endlessly repeat, to get them back into power. Let’s hope Wyoming has had enough of power-mad Cheney’s, we certainly have.

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