Lou Engle says “Gays possessed by demons”

Yes, because we need to be dehumanized some more so they won’t feel so guilty about denying us all kinds of civil rights, or worse. Rachel Maddow featured Engle recently and his bizarre attempt to pray away health care reform.

Mr. Engle is sending his nineteen year old son into the (GASP!) lion’s den of San Francisco! Oh, the evil demonic queens will just rip that boy to pieces! Forget Afghanistan! The Castro District is where you send your children to “die for America and Jesus,” folks…

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161 Responses to “Lou Engle says “Gays possessed by demons””

  1. DEstlund says:

    Terrifying video. Hilarious comments.

  2. Ewwwww…. No Way the demon was going to possess Jindal. It decided instead to return to outer darkness and take its chances.

  3. Lordy, it took YEARS for that exorcism to finally hold. ;0)

    You know, I could never decide it The Beast was HMC or RWR. (Holy Mother Church or Ronald Wilson Reagan)

  4. wmforr says:

    Don’t tell me. It was Bobby Jindal.

  5. wmforr says:

    Nothing? From what I have been told, Ritorna, you were possessed by a demon, that demon has been cast out, and the name of that demon was The Holy Roman Catholic Church.

  6. wmforr says:

    The story of Abraham offering to kill his son because G*d told him to is perhaps the most horrifying part of the Bible. But to hear this man equate that with sending his son to SF is so totally absurd.

    His son, notice, is the one who wants to go there. If his father were really concerned about his safety there he would teach him to use condoms. I seriously doubt the boy will resist the temptations of that wicked Nineveh for long.

  7. Yeah, who needs a snuggie? Quilted muumuus work just as well, and if you run out to pick up a snack between shows you don’t have to worry about your bare butt hanging out at the Seven-Eleven.

  8. But I really did have two demons cast out of me in 1971 by a bunch of evangelical kooks. And I think one of the demons they cast out immediately hopped into one of my exorcists, because he started dry humping the other one.

  9. Yeah, but aren’t sunggies flame retardant? You know what that means. They lower gay people’s IQ.

  10. cowboyneok says:

    God gave us dreams to go to San Francisco, too. Maybe Mr. Engle’s son needs to tell Daddy exactly what those dreams entailed.

  11. cowboyneok says:

    Oh, and I’ve already told everyone I know if they buy me a “Snuggie” or “Obama Chia Pet” I will kill’em.

  12. cowboyneok says:

    LOL – yeah and a “snuggie” for Christmas. Who’s buying?

  13. Oh, sorry Cowboy. What you need is one of those type-through spew pads designed during the Bush/Cheney years. If they can stand up to puke, Diet Coke should be no problem.

  14. cowboyneok says:

    “As far as the demon thing, it is way overrated. I had two of them cast out of me by a group of Evangelical kooks back in 1971”

    Okay, now I’m rolling on the floor. YOU are just hysterical, R.

  15. cowboyneok says:

    “but mostly San Franciscans are already accustomed to seeing the mentally ill on the streets because, sadly, Ronald Reagan turned them out of the mental institutions when he was governor”

    Thanks alot, Ritorna, for making me spew Diet Coke all over my keyboard! LMAO…

  16. mykelb says:

    I swear these people live in a vacuum that was bottled in 1857. They should be time warped back to where they can sit on their white-trash shanty’s front porches and call ni**er to the slaves that walk by and from the pews of their christofascist churches.

  17. Switch says:

    His son has been ministering primarily at a place called “Blow Buddies”, spewing the thick, musky word of God all over the faces of the Castro demons of carnal lust.

  18. nicho says:

    I wasn’t aware it was a competition. They’re both as loony as can be — and they’re often the same people.

  19. Every so often here in San Francisco we come across a group of Evangelists who were bussed in to pray in public that we be cast out of our nation, our city or most often ourselves. These are people who are accustomed to the Evangelical style of praying in tongues, etc., and they probably have no idea how they appear to most of us. Sometimes you will see gay people arguing with them, but mostly San Franciscans are already accustomed to seeing the mentally ill on the streets because, sadly, Ronald Reagan turned them out of the mental institutions when he was governor. So we mostly just walk past and go about our business. As crazies go they are mostly just entertaining.As far as the demon thing, it is way overrated. I had two of them cast out of me by a group of Evangelical kooks back in 1971 and frankly it didn’t do a thing. But the real demon was this sense I had that there was something truly horrible deep in my being. After all the input of my upbringing it was no wonder I believed this to be true on the deepest level. But eventually I found the courage to go and confront that demon, and guess what. I was wrong. There was nothing horrible there at all.

  20. Henhouse says:

    I’m really not sure what’s worse, these religious loonies or the Teabagger loonies.

  21. offspring says:

    and people wonder why i view people like this as enemies of my country that should be put down.

  22. offspring says:

    ok these people are allowed to vote? really? Oh and the thing about going into the lions den, we need to do the same but to them. The church is full of people that are deluded period

  23. cowboyneok says:

    Absurdity like:

    “The Castro District” = heart of darkness (sad chortle)

  24. nicho says:

    And we’re supposed to find common ground with nuts like this. Bullshit.This is why I don’t want churches involved with gay rights — even if they support us. Because the minute you say religion has any role in this, the whack jobs come out of the woodwork. And religion and religious groups have more whack jobs than they do normal people.

    “If you can get people to believe absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities.”

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