Religious right bigots now say gays don’t have the right to be judges

Which makes sense. As we learned the past week, two of the biggest religious right groups want all gays thrown in jail, so why wouldn’t they object to gay people being judges. They probably don’t think we’re fit to hold any job. But the specifics of this story are fascinating for the deep bigotry the story belies. The religious right is quite literally proving the animus behind Prop 8 with every press release they issue.

You see, the religious right is now freaking out that the judge in the Prop 8 case might be gay. Which is fascinating, since their objection to him, simply based on his possible sexual orientation, has much wider ramifications. If a gay judge is unfit to rule on a case involving gay people or the religious right, then using the far right’s logic, a straight judge would be just as biased towards straight people in any anti-gay discrimination case. But it’s worse than that. African-American judges would never be able to rule on civil rights cases – well, no one would really, since every human being is a member of at least one race, thus, under the religious right’s logic, we’d all either be a minority or the majority, making us a party to any civil rights suit. (Or perhaps Latino judges would be able to rule on discrimination cases involving African-Americans, it’s not entirely clear.) And Republican judges clearly couldn’t rule on political cases, nor could Democratic judges. Which means the entire Supreme Court, the entire federal judiciary, and really any judge who ever voted or who has any political views whatsoever, is ineligible from any case that involves politics. And female judges couldn’t preside over cases involving women, or men I guess, and so on.

And in fact, the religious right’s logic, to its illogical conclusion, means that conservative Christian judges also would not be permitted to preside over any case involving gays, non-Christians, Christians who aren’t members of some religious right sect, cases involving politics (since the religious right became a de facto subsidiary of the Republican party decades ago), cases involving discrimination (since the lead religious right groups routinely promote bigotry – in fact, their raison d’etre is to promote bigotry), any case in which a black person is involved (the religious right used to use the Bible to justify slavery (and still think slavery was a good thing for blacks), and the Mormons excluded blacks from the upper levels of their church up until the 1970s), and lots of other issues. And let’s not forget that the Southern Baptists were formed because they split with the north over slavery – the SB’s were for it. But hey, they apologized…. in 2009.

Every time a lawsuit arises we would need to know everything about the judge, including their race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability and more before we could decide whether the judge should recuse themself.

It’s ironic that the Prop 8 trial is over whether the religious right had “animus,” or hatred in their hearts, when they proposed and fought for Prop 8. The words of the religious right during the Prop 8 battle, and during this trial, make clear that animus would be a step in the right direction from what these people feel about gays and lesbians.

And of course, let’s not forget that the religious right doesn’t just have animus towards gays. It has a serious problem with Jews as well (a serious problem), and with Catholics (who they claim aren’t Christians, but instead worship Satan – the RR calls the Catholic Church “the great whore“), and they have an ongoing penchant for elevating the works of known hate groups.

So, seriously, let hear more from the religious right bigots about tolerance and civil rights and fairness. The people who brought you slavery, anti-Semitism, misogyny and homophobia think they have something to add to the civil rights debate. Go ahead, open your mouths and make our day.

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