When is the media going to call the religious right on their ‘shower’ lie?

It’s really tiresome to watch the media let people get away with blatant lies, in the supposed interest of fairness and objectivity. To wit: The media never seems to challenge the religious right, or homophobes in Congress, on their biggest lie regarding the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: that gays will be in your showers.

In an email with the subject line “Obama’s new military: Gays showering with straights,” the American Family Association sent an email blast meant to mislead readers on the impact of the impending repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

They’re already there. The current DADT policy does not ban gays from serving in the military. It bans them from disclosing their sexual orientation. So, under the current policy, lots of gays – on the order of 60,000 I’ve read – currently serve in the military, and share showers with straight service members. You simply have no idea who they are. (Or know who they are, and you don’t care.)

But for the religious right to suggest, repeatedly, as its number one talking point that “Obama will let gays into your showers” is an outright lie. They’re already there. Why doesn’t the media ever call them on this? We had to deal with the same BS in 1993. No one in the media called Sam Nunn on the same lie. It’s about time they did.

Then again, considering the American Family Association’s history of promoting the “Nazi-echoing science” of known hate groups, and anti-Semitism, and even more anti-Semitism, it’s no surprise that they’d lie in order to oppress yet another minority.

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