Rachel on DADT with Rep. Murphy

Excellent, as always.

On October 27, 2010, Joe was one of five bloggers who interviewed President Obama. Joe is a DC-based political consultant with over twenty-five years of experience at both the state and federal level. Joe has managed political operations and legislative efforts for both candidates and issues-based organizations. For seven years, he was the Director of State Legislation at Handgun Control, Inc. He served as that organization's first Political Director during the 2000 cycle. Joe is a graduate of the University of Maine School of Law. In addition, he has a Masters in Public Administration from Lehigh University and received his B.A. from the University of New Hampshire. Joe also has a fun dog, Petey, a worthy successor to Boomer, who got Joe through eight years of Bush and Cheney. Joe likes to think he is a world class athlete having finished the 2005 Chicago Marathon in the time of 4:10. He has completed six other marathons as well -- and is still determined to break the four hour mark.

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5 Responses to “Rachel on DADT with Rep. Murphy”

  1. JohnnyG says:

    Rachel’s “excellent as always” if you’re a thirsty Obamabot who hasn’t had their kool-aid fix yet today.

  2. Michael says:

    She invokes Dan Choi’s name and then doesn’t have him on for HIS opinion which is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from Murphy’s???????

    At least the Advocate got Murphy to call for an ultimate Presidential stop-loss order.

    Dan’s new “Newsweek” Op Ed at:


  3. nancy50 says:

    Not to mention the fact that it took her 4 weeks to discuss DADT …4 weeks where she could have been raising awareness and urging people to call Congress.

    Joe says Rachel excellent as always – I think her performance on this topic is far from it.

  4. meg says:

    Rachel – 50 years have been done already. Push that issue.
    Screw these studies.

    I would love to see the GOP to de-fund the pentagon and then defend themselves while we are AT WAR!
    Hey GOP – NO BALLS!

  5. timncguy says:

    I was disappointed in this coverage. There was no mention of the fact that the anti-discrimination language was removed from the original amendment as part of the “compromise”. And, Rep Murphy puts a lot more trust into the “gang of three” (Obama, Gates and Mullins) to actually sign off on the final repeal anytime in the near future than I do.

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