More reasons to love Fran Drescher and Barbra Streisand

Fran Drescher is one of those people who grows on you. I used to not like her over-the-top nasally “The Nanny” caricature, but she is one of those people you warm up to because of her effusive wit and warm personality. I’ve since grown to just love her as a celebrity and now I have another reason to love her even more.

Fran Drescher has never been shy about voicing her support for gay rights: In 2008, she and her former husband co-hosted a cocktail party in LA to benefit an organization that has sought to block California’s ban on same-sex marriage. But it turns out that the cause was even closer to the Nanny star’s heart than her fans could have guessed — as In Touch can now exclusively reveal, Peter Marc Jacobson, the man to whom Fran, 52, was married for more than two decades, is gay. “Peter and I met when we were 15,” Fran tells In Touch. “We were just kids and didn’t know who we truly were. We went through a lot together.” The couple split for good in 1999, and according to an insider, Peter later came out of the closet to Fran. They continue to collaborate and are still “the best of friends. We love each other dearly,” she says. “We have even fixed each other up! I more successfully than him, by the way.” They’re even working together on a new sitcom based on their relationship. “Peter and I feel so blessed to have met each other and to still have a caring, loving relationship,” Fran says. “Love is what we’re all about.”

Awwww… you go, Fran!

And while we are on the subject of women entertainers that I happen to love. I just came across a new interview of Barbra Streisand over at Matthew’s Place. Besides the fact her son is gay, she tells us why she is eternally motivated to support our civil rights:

BS: When I was about 13 years old, I had my own style and kids made fun of me for the makeup I wore and the way I colored my hair. And when I was older and had established a career as a successful actress, I wasn’t allowed to live in a particular apartment building in New York because I was either Jewish or in the entertainment industry. It was a horrible feeling. I could finally afford to buy an apartment in New York and I had recommendation letters from the mayor of [New York City] and the governor of [New York], but they still wouldn’t let me purchase property in the building. I think those experiences made me sensitive to people who aren’t always included in the mainstream. I am always conscious to recognize and empathize with those who have been marginalized, ignored, discriminated against, or bullied for being different.

It is always refreshing to see celebrities use their stardom to advance the civil rights of our community. They must know also know how loyal we can be, as fans, when we see them consistently support us, as well.

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