Tulsa, Oklahoma passes non-discrimination policy!

The city council of my hometown, Tulsa, Oklahoma, passed a non-discrimination policy that adds sexual orientation to the other suspect classes already included in the old policy. Yes, Tulsa, the diamond in the buckle of the nation’s bible belt has just proven our nation is ready for change. If Tulsa, Oklahoma decides sexual orientation should be included with other suspect classes, and our society has evolved to be more equal, then what is holding back the Obama Administration regarding ENDA?

TULSA, OK — Before a packed house Thursday night, The Tulsa City Council approved a new employment policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation. The policy applies to city employees in every aspect of employment.

The expansion adds sexual orientation to a list of protected classes that already includes race, sex, religion, ancestry, age and disability.

Yes we can, (unless you just don’t want to…).

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