Upcoming DADT court case is major political headache for Obama

Josh Gerstein does a good job of laying out the dilemma facing the Obama administration. With yet another high profile “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” case going to trial next week, Justice Department lawyers are going to be watched like a hawk to see just how strongly they defend the bigoted anti-gay law that their boss claimed he wants gone. The article notes that if the administration’s lawyers don’t offer a full-throated defense of DADT, Republicans and conservatives will be upset with Obama. But if the administration does vigorously defend DADT, gays and their allies will be ticked right before a crucial election.

I think Josh is right, that this is the way the Obama White House sees the dilemma. Do they piss off the gays and their moderate and liberal allies, or do they tick off far-right Republicans and the religious right? But here’s the rub: Far right Republicans and the religious right are never ever going to vote for a Democrat, ever. They’re never, ever going to give a dime to Democratic candidates. And they’re never, ever going to stop their vicious attacks on this President and his administration, regardless of what Obama does.

So why does the White House always see issues in terms of whether to piss off allies or enemies, and then choose to either preserve their non-relationship with enemies, or at best, split the baby in half, when they will get nothing out of Republicans and conservatives in return?

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