Wash. Post reviews — and pans — Kathy Griffin’s HRC episode

Hank Steuver from the Washington Post reviews tonight’s episode of the Kathy Griffin show. This is the one featuring her visit to DC to allegedly lobby for repeal of DADT. Of course, the whole trip was about her show and “the gays” were just props. Steuver panned the episode and HRC gets whacked a few times for engaging in the inanity. His conclusion focused on the only newsworthy event to happen during Griffin’s week in DC:

It’s all theater and the episode pokes along, proving once again the dreary effects that Washington can have on reality TV. Moreover, Griffin’s constant jokes about her ardent fan base, “the gays” (as she calls them), start to wear thin. She thinks references to Cher, Liza, bathhouse sex and lesbian golf are still hilarious and fresh. (And why wouldn’t she? Everywhere she goes, it seems there are gays and lesbians ready to cackle at her routines.)

At the rally, Griffin is approached by Dan Choi, a gay Army officer and radical opponent to DADT, who asks her if he can come up onstage with her. Once there, he takes the microphone and implores the crowd to walk with him a few blocks to the White House.

“I am in uniform, I am still fighting, I am still speaking out, I am still serving, and I am still gay,” Choi declares. “Will you all here join me? Kathy will you go with me?” he asks Griffin, whose face freezes in PR horror.

Griffin answers yes, but she means no. She chooses to stay behind and deliver the crowd a text message she says has just been sent from Cher, which she dangles before everyone like it’s gay catnip. Choi marches over to the White House, where he and another soldier handcuff themselves to the Pennsylvania Avenue fence and are promptly arrested.

“Imagine if I had gone,” Griffin says. “Two soldiers who have served bravely in silence and one potty-mouthed comedian? It would have looked ridiculous.”

What? Kathy Griffin is suddenly afraid to look ridiculous?

On the day of this rally, I got a text message from a friend who was at the Kathy Griffin rally, which read:

Lieut. Dan choi heads to white house to fight dadt. Griffin and HRC’s Solmonese stay for photo ops. Welcome to gay dc.

Kinda sums it up.

Tonight, Kathy Griffin has some laughs about gay issues. HRC will get some face time on Bravo. Tomorrow, Dan Choi and Jim Pietrangelo will be in court to defend themselves for fighting for equality.

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