Ted Olson’s impressive performance on FOX

Yesterday, a couple of the Sunday shows were actually kinda fun to watch. We’ve already posted the debate between David Boies and Tony Perkins. Boies demolished Perkins and his lies on CBS.

But, things even went well on FOX. It helped that the guest was Ted Olson who understands the ways of FOX. Igor Volsky posted the video of Olson’s interview with Chris Wallace. Olson was very, very impressive. Wallace thought so, too. From Igor:

Throughout the interview, host Chris Wallace attempted to trip up his guest with a series of familiar Republican talking points, all of which Olson repudiated.

Wallace asked Olson to identify the right to same-sex marriage in the constitution and wondered why “seven million Californians” “don’t get to say that marriage is between a man and a woman.” Olson replied that the Supreme Court has ruled that marriage was a fundamental right and pointed out that the constitution made no explicit mention of interracial marriage either. He stressed that under our system of government, voters can’t deprive minority groups of their constitutionally guaranteed protections and reminded Wallace that in the 1960s, “Californians voted to change their constitution to say that you could discriminate on the basis of race in the sale of your home; the United States Supreme Court struck that down.”

When Wallace pressed the point further, likening same-sex marriage to abortion and noting that “the political process in the case of same-sex marriage was working” since states had been deciding the issue on a “state-by-state basis,” Olson asked Wallace how he would like it if Fox News’ right to free speech was decided in such a manner


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