MI AG defends his creepy homophobic employee

Anderson Cooper began his piece last night by noting of that creepy Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell:

He’s a public official. And for months now, in his private time, he’s been fixated on a young gay college student named Chris Armstrong.

Fixated. Obsessed.

Cooper spoke to Shirvell’s boss, Attorney General Michael Cox, who was less than helpful. Cox said “I feel embarrassed for Mr. Armstrong, you know, that he has this unwanted attention.”

Anderson asked the right question:

COOPER: Isn’t Mr. Shirvell detracting from your agency’s effective operation? I mean, why would any gay person feel confident that he or she would — would be represented by — by this man as an attorney, or, frankly, you know, they would start to have perhaps doubt about your office’s ability to do that?

COX: Well, I think that’s quite a stretch.

No, it’s not. Cox is sending a clear message to the LGBT community in Michigan: My staff can harrass you.

Here’s the piece:
This is gay-baiting and gay-bashing at its worst. Shirvell is sending a message of hate to all young LGBT students. This is sick. And, it’s disgusting that his superiors condone this kind of creepy behavior.

We wonder why LGBT kids don’t feel like they’ve got support. Shirvell and his boss, the Attorney General, are among the top law enforcement officials in the state of Michigan. And, look what they’re doing.

If Shirvell was doing something like this to Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton, he’d probably be in jail.

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