DOD is already leaking supposedly harmful DADT survey ‘results,’ as expected

No one could have predicted that the Pentagon would undercut their own Commander in Chief. No, wait – that’s exactly what we’ve been saying from the beginning of this absurd process.

The Pentagon task force charged with examining the issue [this is in reference to the survey about how to lift DADT] is “well along” in formulating recommendations, and the [new DADT injunction] ruling is not expected to affect its work, [said] another senior military officer. The task force found deep resistance to the idea of repealing the law in some elements of the armed services, especially within the combat units, an officer familiar with the findings said. [emphasis mine]

What else do you expect the Pentagon to do? Their commander in chief is a pushover. They can do whatever they want, and they know he won’t touch them. He never goes after anyone who undercuts him. Gates rolled Obama on this issue early on, and kept rolling him. And nothing happened. So is it any wonder that DOD has decided – as predicted – to start leaking negative survey results in order to kill the repeal of DADT, and undercut the President of the United States?

Americans don’t vote for weak leaders.  This is an incredibly dangerous message that this President continues to send about his own character.  On issue after issue, he caves, or does nothing in response to a direct challenge.  And regardless of his motivation, he’s coming off as a bit of a coward.  At some point, the negatives are going to stick and there’s going to be nothing he can do to turn things around.

Not that anyone thinks he’d ever try.

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