Why do church leaders hate the troops? Many would abandon our troops over DADT repeal.

And, they call themselves men of God? Give me a break. This is downright anti-American. A group of right-wing religous types, probably prompted by Elaine Donnelly, sent a letter to the President and Secretary Gates warning they’ll abandon serving troops if DADT is repealed. No doubt, the release of this document was timed to counter the leaked news that most troops aren’t concerned about serving with gay troops.

What’s stunning to me — absolutely stunning — is that church leaders would actually end their relationships with the Pentagon over this. Seriously?:

A spokeswoman for the Pentagon said chaplains must have the endorsement of their church or religious organization to serve the role. If a chaplain’s church withdraws its endorsement, the military begins processing the chaplain to leave the military.

Several denominations have already threatened to take such a step, citing long lists of potential conflicts the chaplains could face with openly gay soldiers.

The Southern Baptist Convention, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church in America, the Presbyterian Church in America, and the Rabbinical Alliance of America have issued statements or written to the Obama administration this year with their concerns that repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” could force their chaplains to choose between serving God and serving the military.

No, the churches are choosing to abandon our men and women in uniform — the people who are willing to die fighting for their freedom of religion.

This is one of the most craven, despicable acts I’ve seen from homophobic religious types. It shines a light on just how rabidly these anti-gay religions are. Now, the gay community is used to this crap. But, that they’re willing to give up on the U.S. military is beyond the pale.

Any church that withdraws its endorsement of our military should have its 501(c)(3) status withdrawn. They’re making a political statement, not a religious one.

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