Tyler Clementi’s roommate now claims the video only showed two guys making out

Tyler Clementi, you’ll recall, is the Rutgers freshman who jumped off a bridge to his death after his roommate set up a secret Web cam in his room, tweeted to the entire university that Tyler was making out with a guy on cam, and then a few days later invited the entire university to watch Tyler and another guy on cam.

Now the former roommate is claiming that the video never showed Tyler having sex, just making out, and that they never broadcast the video publicly.

Oh so is this the “dead kid over-reacted” defense? Sure sounds like it. And it doesn’t really matter whether or not we NOW find out the video didn’t show them having sex. (Not that I believe a word this guy and his accomplice say – we’re to believe they were watching Tyler and some guy making out alone in his room and they turned the cam off after only two minutes, before things got hot? Seriously? I don’t believe that for a second.) But regardless, the idiot tweeted to the entire campus that his roommate was caught on cam making out with “some dude.” Whether or not he also saw them having sex is irrelevant in terms of outing the poor kid to the entire universe.

And as for the “we didn’t broadcast the video,” that’s what you claimed you did on Twitter. That’s what Tyler read, and shortly thereafter killed himself. So how is this much of a defense?

I think the two are trying to lessen the “privacy violation” in order to lessen whatever punishment they face.

Let them try to make Tyler less dead, then we’ll talk about lessening their sentence.

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