HRC appears to take a swipe at Reid and Obama; concern grows that Reid may force vote before deal is ready

Kerry Eleveld just tweeted a statement from HRC about the upcoming Defense bill vote:

HRC: “If sens move forward w/ a vote on NDAA before a deal has been solidified, the vote will fail” & all key players are to blame.

Would be nice for HRC to say who the key players are, otherwise it’s not very helpful to blame people who are nameless. But, it’s pretty clear that, as far as the negotiations over the bill go, the key players are Reid and Obama. And for HRC to actually criticize Democrats – well, Democratic elected officials – is new. Though a bit late, since HRC signed off on the White House strategy on DADT this past January, a strategy to postpone the vote until after the Pentagon study was done. And that single decision may kill repeal. So when we talk about “key players” having the blame, let’s not forget HRC itself.

I’d like to say better late than never. But “late” may have just killed our civil rights, so I’m not feeling terribly generous to HRC’s legislative prowess at the moment.

And a final note to Senator Reid. If it’s come down to HRC, probably the most spineless “advocacy” group we have in the community, actually publicly criticizing you – albeit in code – then things must be pretty bad. If Reid brings this thing up for a vote before giving Lieberman time to cement a deal, he is going to share equally, along with Obama and Collins, in this debacle.

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