In NC, GOP Senators introduce anti-marriage amendment. Pam says: ‘Game on’

Pam reports that an anti-marriage constitutional amendment has been introduced in the North Carolina State Senate. If the bill passes, the amendment will be on the ballot in November of 2012. So, the homophobes have made their move. And, Pam says, if they want to talk about us, we’ll talk about them:

What I do know is that if the GOP wants to play hardball on this issue when we already have a state DOMA (and they need to be working on fixing the economic mess the state is in), I say go for it.

Game on. We will explore every co-sponsor over the next year. The taxpayers have a right to know:

* How many times have these lawmakers been married?
* Who’s breaking the sanctity of their marriage vows?
* Are there closet doors to be kicked open?
* Who’s carousing for same-sex encounters at rest stops?
* Who has their hand in the till?

The voters of NC have a right to know, since these elected officials have decided that they have the right toenshrine bigotry into the state constitution on the basis of two consenting adults having any legal relationship approximating marriage, let alone civil marriage.

Since Charlotte will be the host city for the Democratic National Convention, won’t this be a gem of an albatross hanging over the party’s neck in the “New South”?

I say, Go, Pam.

Bil Browning has been collecting tips about Indiana legislators. And, he reported earlier this week:

It appears that my campaign for readers to share the dirty secrets hypocritical “family values” Indiana legislators don’t want revealed has hit paydirt this year. I’m planning to publish at least one expose this week – maybe two if I can get all the confirmations I’m searching for.

I spent a lot of time doing state legislative work. Let’s just say, in every state house, there was lots of drama. I used to say that state legislators were like kids at summer camp. They were away from home and having a ball. Everyone had to be nice to them. There were always lots of parties. And, the worst thing that could happen was their antics got reported to their constituents. Well, they want to make our lives an issue, then, their lives are fair play.

Anyone doing anything like that in Montana?

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