5,000 sign Dan Choi’s open letter to Hillary over Moscow police violence at Pride, Russian LGBT weigh in

In our first 24 hours, we’ve got 5,000 signatures on our open letter to Secretary Clinton, asking her to condemn the Russian government’s violent response to Moscow Pride yesterday, including a police attack on Dan Choi, Russian Pride organizers, and international observers.  Dan Choi will personally deliver the open letter, with your signatures, to the State Department when he returns to the states.  Please sign the open letter if you haven’t already, and share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Here are a few of the Russians who left comments along with their signatures, many more Russians signed the letter but, for obvious reasons, chose to remain anonymous:

Andrei in Moscow:

I’m from Moscow, and I’m gay myself. And as a gay Muscovite, I’m ashamed of such a display of hatred and intolerance in my native city. And moreover, I’m worried our future. Please, show your support for our peaceful efforts to defend our basic rights.

Yuri in Samara:

Homophobia is a dangerous problem in Russia, it’s increasing in russian society. We, Russian gays, struggle for our rights, but authorities and neonacists are against us. We need help.

Alex in St. Petersburg:

I against violence and discrimination in the state.


There has to be something the world can do about the situation in our country, if our government doesn’t want it.


Please help! We are second class here in Russia.


I feel shame for country I live in. Please, protect somehow at least non-russian gay people from violence here.


Miss Clinton, we need in your protection!


Please help in this terrible situation! We need protection, but our government supports our destruction.

Dimitri in Irkutsk:

Russian Gov. is ignoring existing of LGBT and it’s actions. Maybe world’s societies can do anything to stop violence

Andrei from Tomsk:

I do not want fascism raised his head in our country

Maxim in Moscow:



We pray to save our life!


Thank you for your attention to our life.

Nikita in St. Petersburg:

Good luck, Dan!


For Freedom!!

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