TAKE ACTION: Leave messages on Facebook pages/Twitter accts of homophobic companies responsible for repealing gay/trans civil rights in Tennessee

Please visit the Facebook pages of each of the companies who are responsible for the hateful law passed in Tennessee last week that will repeal gay and trans municipal civil rights protections (and protections for every other minority), and ban cities in the state from every passing any civil rights law ever again, for anybody.

This stuff matters.  The most important thing to any company is their brand.  They don’t like criticism, and really don’t like it online where it can be read by millions and where it has a tendency to never truly go away (everything remains on the Internet forever).  You can help a lot by simply clicking through to each of these company’s Facebook pages and posting a simply message telling them to stop the hate in Tennessee.

Here are the Facebook pages of the board members who have pages on which you can comment – click “like” on the page in order to comment:
FedEx (you can post a reply to one of FedEx’s posts on the page – be warned, they’re deleting comments, even polite ones).
Xfinity (aka Comcast)
NBC Universal (Comcast)
Jeff Gordon, Dupont is sponsoring his car, he’s promoting them (Dupont doesn’t have a page you can comment on)
And here are their Twitter accounts:


Finally, there’s Alcoa.  Alcoa is the only company to, early on, publicly state their opposition to the hateful legislation and their desire for the governor to veto the bill.  Clearly Alcoa’s role on the board of the chamber is troublesome, but they do deserve our praise for immediately doing the right thing and calling for a veto.  The other companies have refused.  Here is their Facebook page: Alcoa
Each of these organizations is a board member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  Each of them is responsible for the chamber’s endorsement of, and lobbying for, this religious right hate legislation.  We only have a few days to convince the governor to veto the bill – these companies need to help fix this problem now.
Visit their Facebook pages, click “like” at the top of the page, which will then permit you to leave a comment on their wall.  Feel free to say whatever you like, but I might recommend you link to our open letter, our Facebook action page, and our blog post summarizing the entire issue.

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