Mediaite: How the gay Netroots took down the head of GLAAD


The significant role the LGBT media played in Barrios’ downfall is reflected in the Politico story analyzing Barrios’ resignation, where technology reporter Jennifer Martinez prominently quotes Aravosis, Signorile, and Bilerico’s Bil Browning. This was a story largely driven by LGBT bloggers and online media, as well as Signorile (who works online and at Sirius/XM). The story had a crowd-sourcing feel to it, with many journalists and activists pouring over letters to the FCC, GLAAD and AT&T; financial records, and other data in order to determine what happened between AT&T; and GLAAD.

In the end, the attention from inside and outside the LGBT media became too much and Barrios resigned despite signals 24 hours earlier that he wasn’t going to.

I’d argue that the Netroots, gay and straight, had already proven themselves a long time ago. This is just the latest evidence. Though, bringing down the head of a national organization is no small task. A lot of us helped, with Bilerico’s Bil Browning and Adam Polaski at the top of the list – but I’d give the lion’s share of the credit to Mike Signorile who sunk his teeth into this story and just wouldn’t let go until all of us understood how important it was really was.

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