Gay grandson of Oral Roberts to speak in Tulsa, OK

The one thing that can be counted on is that no matter how conservative or religious fundamentalist one might be, sooner or later your family will produce someone in the family who happens to be gay just like every other American family. It’s the law of averages and it will eventually happen.

The gay grandson, Randy Roberts Potts, of famous televangelist Oral Roberts is going to speak at All Souls Unitarian church in Tulsa, OK and it will be streamed live Sunday, July 17, here at 10:00 & 11:30 a.m. CST.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is ground zero for the American Pentecostal Charismatic Christian (Fundamentalist) movement and most definitely Oral Roberts country so the importance of the grandson of Oral Roberts, Randy Roberts Potts, speaking out on this subject can not be understated.

Randy Roberts Potts is the gay grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts. He has worked with juvenile delinquents on the East Coast, was a social worker in Oklahoma City, spent five years as a middle school English teacher, and is now a freelance writer for several publications, including This Land Press and The Washington Post. He is currently working with playwright Ryan Tofil and director Matthew Corozine on an Off-Broadway play based on his memoir, set to run Fall 2011. Randy spends his life trying to spread a message of hope to gay youth.

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