GOProud booted by their fellow hard-core right wingers at CPAC

CPAC, the annual meeting of all the hard core right-wingers, doesn’t want the gays to come back., GOProud got the boot. To add to the indignity, they got kicked out with the whack jobs from the John Birch Society:

According to official letters obtained by The Daily Caller, the gay conservative group GOProud and the ultraconservative John Birch Society won’t be co-sponsoring the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2012.

The decision was reached by a full vote of the American Conservative Union’s board of directors. The ACU organizes and hosts CPAC each year.

Representatives of GOProud and the John Birch Society were notified of the decision via mail Friday afternoon.

Being rejected along with the Birchers. Ouch.

So, homophobia reigns at CPAC. I’ve been to that event a couple times. I don’t have the gaydar, but, even for me, it was pretty clear CPAC was crawling with gays. Now, it’s official: They’re not wanted.

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