SF Giants kiss-cam goes gay

From Sean Chapin via Rex Wockner:

Hi Rex,

Though I can’t say with certainty, it appears that last night might have possibly been the first ever time at a San Francisco Giants game that gay couples was shown on the Kiss Cam (at an LGBT Night ball game), and possibly the first time ever at a major league ball game.

Last night was LGBT night, and my friends (a gay couple) and I went. When the Kiss Cam segment started, I told my friends that they should kiss, and I was taking a picture of it on my cell phone. What we didn’t know was that the kiss cam ended up on all three of us, and we were on the giant jumbotron scoreboard. The crowd cheered everywhere in the stadium. We noticed, laughed/celebrated, and the couple kissed again while I threw my arms up in celebration, all the while all three of us were still on the Kiss Cam and everyone continued cheering. Attached is the picture that I took on my cell phone. My friends who kissed are Thom Watson and Jeff Tabaco, and they are with Marriage Equality USA. There was another gay couple who was captured on Kiss Cam shortly after.

This morning, I joined a “gay san francisco giants fans” facebook group, and most people there are saying that last night was the first time that they had ever seen a gay couple on the kiss cam:


I’m hoping to be able to find a video or picture of this moment that someone might have took and put on the web to certify the event.

Other people on facebook were talking about it as well (unfortunately some negative reactions as well), search for “gay kiss cam” on facebook for those posts (without quotation marks).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best, Sean

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