Bigots now claiming that civil rights impedes their religious right to oppress you

Does bigotry trump civil rights?  Should a clerk in NY state be permitted to say her religion won’t permit her to sign marriage licenses for gay couples?  What if her religion isn’t too thrilled about blacks marrying whites, or Jews (they did kill Christ, you know), and let’s not even start with the Muslims.  And why stop there?  Fundamentalists think Catholics worship Satan.  Are we really going to force a fundamentalist clerk to sign off on a Satanic wedding?

As far as I’m concerned, the woman should find another job.  She took a job that entails signing off on weddings.  She can’t pick and choose which ones she likes and claim her religion as a defense.  Why stop there.  Why not let accountants, and doctors, and ambulance drivers, and pilots, and waitresses refuse to serve gay couples?  Where does it stop?

Of course, the bigots want this very outcome.  They made the same argument about slavery, you know – the Bible says it’s a good thing.  Yeah, we all know how that ended.  And the Mormons discriminated against blacks until the 1970s.  So what if a Mormon still believes in the traditional teachings about blacks evil spawn, can clerks refuse to marry black people now too?

This is just another example of how the Republican party, and its spawn, are destroying civil society in America.  They’re tearing this country apart, town by town.  It’s very sad.

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