Marriage, it’s not gay

I find myself on the blog struggling for what word to use. Joe often prods me to change “gay” marriage to “same-sex” marriage. I’m not convinced it’s much better. I’ve at times used “marriage equality,” but I sometimes fear that it’s code that non-gay people won’t get. The thing is, it’s quite clumsy when you try to write around the phrase “gay marriage.” I’m open to suggestions, but you really need to look at a sentence the phrase is already in and then try to rewrite it.

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

There are lots of reasons I want to get married, and none of them are because I am gay. I don’t want a gay marriage. I don’t want a different kind of marriage; I want the same kind of marriage as my married neighbors have. I want a marriage with all the rights and privileges and responsibilities that everyone else who is married has. I am told there are 1,138 benefits that federally recognized marriage would bring us, and I would like those, too.

But most of all, I want to marry the man I have loved for almost 34 years – a real marriage legally recognized everywhere we go.

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