That US servicemember coming out to “daddy” on YouTube was for real

We reported the other night that a video was just posted on YouTube hours before DADT disappeared, purporting to be a US servicemember in Germany coming out to his “daddy” in Alabama by phone, while being recorded for his YouTube channel.  We now know it was for real.

Wash Post has the details:

“Dad, I’m gay,” [Randy] Phillips says, as his voice drops.

“Yikes,” the father said.

“Do you still love me?” Phillips asks him again.

“I still love you, son. Yes, I still love you,” his father replies, adding later, “It doesn’t change our relationship.”

The video quickly went viral, and Phillips said it inspired an older colleague to pick up the phone and call his parents with similar news.

“If it helped one person, then it’s all worth it,” he said in an interview Tuesday from Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

He said a similar phone call to his mother “wasn’t quite as easy” and his sisters are now also aware. He decided to tell his family this week after sharing the news with other colleagues and friends.

Here’s the video:

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