DNC’s new faith outreach director is pro-life and adamantly opposed to marriage equality

UPDATE: It seems the good reverend was for gay marriage before he was against it.

I wonder if the Democratic National Committee would have hired someone in favor of miscegenation laws.  Or are some core Democratic values less equal than others?

Oh why ask it rhetorically, we all know the answer. We just don’t matter nearly enough to Democrats.  They don’t particularly respect us, and they certainly don’t fear us nearly enough.  They would never have chosen some for the this job who didn’t believe in full and equal rights for African-Americans, Latinos, or Jews.  It’s not even debatable – they wouldn’t have hired him in any of those cases.  But when the prejudice is anti-gay, it’s ok.  We are not simply not equal in the eyes of the Democratic party.

Of course, what this is all about is the Democrats assuming gays will vote for them and give them our money regardless of how they treat us, so instead they’re going to focus on wooing African-Americans and other faith-centric communities.  Embracing bigotry is a win-win.

If we truly mattered to the Democratic party, if they truly understood our issues and our plight, if they truly respected us and our issues, they would never do something like this.

From Religion Dispatches:

Q: So you’re not a supporter of same-sex marriage yourself?

A: No, no, no. But again, I’m not a bomb-thrower in terms of saying things that will get a rise out of a crowd because I just don’t think that’s, again, intellectually honest.

As BelieveOutLoud notes, apparently one “no” wasn’t sufficient.

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