Another indication we can win in North Carolina: Right-wing already getting hysterical

Yesterday, I linked to an awesome post by Scott Wooledge about anti-gay Amendment 1 in North Carolina titled Visualizing victory over North Carolina’s anti-gay amendment.

Well, guess who got freaked out by that post? The haters. Yep, the campaign to pass Amendment 1, Vote FOR Marriage NC, sent out a hysterical, ranting email about Scott’s post. They must know that our side can win if we play to win. I think they’re hoping that we’ll sit it out. But, they realizing that won’t happen:

Radical activists are targeting North Carolina! They’ve pulled out all the stops!

Read what they have to say below, and if you’re as disturbed as I am, please send $20 or more today to keep the record straight.

Here’s what they’re saying about us in the Daily Kos, a notorious leftist group:

“I can’t imagine a more effective way to strike the fear of God into the hearts of marriage equality opponents than to see (another) southern state vote down an amendment like this” (Daily Kos).

By mocking our efforts to defend God’s institution of marriage, it is clear that our opponents will stoop to any level necessary to ram their agenda down the throats of North Carolinians!

And the Daily Kos article goes on about the opposition’s radical efforts in North Carolina:

“I should confess to being among those who’d written off North Carolina as a fait accompli and unwinnable. But on Monday, I spoke with organizers and their ‘Yes, we can!’ attitude was truly contagious (remember that?). But better than their enthusiasm, they seem to have a hatched out a strong pathway to success. At this point they have a staff of 30; 26 in seven field offices, and are making 20,000 voter calls a week. They have also looped in 117 groups into their Truth Squad that will participate in fact-checking the many lies that always emanate from the religious right opponents to LGBT equality. These organizers are getting increasingly sophisticated and aggressive and learning from mistakes of the past.”

I only linked to Scott’s post once. He got three links from this rant. They know Scott was spot on. We can win this one — if we play to win. There’s an excellent team running the campaign. I’ve also been impressed by their operation — and the level of sophistication. They just need the resources to run a winning campaign. That’s why I really hope the major donors are ponying up. Same for the DNC.

If you want to help, contribute here.

And, who knew DailyKos was really a “notorious leftist group”? Good thing we have Vote FOR Marriage NC on top of this.

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