Brutal neo-nazi killing of a gay man in Chile


Zamudio, a clothing store salesman, was attacked in a park in Santiago on March 3. The suspects allegedly beat him for an hour, burning him with cigarettes and carving Nazi symbols into his body.

“We are going to work tirelessly in our Congress to pass our anti-discrimination law as quickly as possible,” [acting President] Hinzpeter said to reporters outside the hospital after visiting the family Tuesday night.

An ample Senate majority passed the law in November, but seven years after it was first proposed, it has yet to come to a vote in the lower house. Lobbyists for evangelical churches said it would be a first step toward gay marriage, which Chile forbids and which is not explicitly included in the measure.

It would describe as illegal discrimination “any distinction, exclusion or restriction that lacks reasonable justification, committed by agents of the state or individuals, and that causes the deprivation, disturbance or threatens the legitimate exercise of fundamental rights established by the constitution or in international human rights treaties ratified by Chile.”

What a surprise – evangelicals are on the same side as the neo-Nazis.

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