Gloria Allred unhappy with Donald Trump following overturn of trans ban at Miss Universe

As you know, Donald Trump recently dropped the ban on trans women participating in the Miss Universe pageant. Apparently he’s been a bit of a jerk since then, and Gloria Allred, who is representing the trans woman who wanted to be in the pageant, is not pleased. Here is Gloria’s letter to the Donald:

Mr. Trump has attempted to create a smokescreen by engaging in personal attacks as a diversionary tactic to shield his organization from further criticism because they have still not committed themselves in writing to eliminate the “naturally born” female rule worldwide.

However, the Miss Universe rule which required contestants to be a “naturally born” female is an important civil rights and human rights issue. Mr. Trump conceded last week that this rule violated the laws of the United States and Canada and therefore allowed Jenna Talackova to re-enter the Miss Universe Canada pageant after first having disqualified her based on the rule. Jenna won this victory because she had the courage to stand up against it. We have continued to advocate that the Miss Universe pageant should eliminate this rule for the entire Miss Universe organization around the world, but the Miss Universe organization has not yet agreed to do so.

I have been in communication with representatives of the Miss Universe organization and they know my strong belief that this rule needs to be eliminated. Mr. Trump, I suggest that you focus on the issue – will you eliminate the discriminatory rule and do so in a way that makes it crystal clear that every woman is eligible to compete in all countries around the world where the Miss Universe pageant exists?

Last week, in response to your offer to show me your penis, I said in jest, that I would not be able to view something so small without a magnifying glass. I apologize if that offended you. I’ll make you a deal. If you change your discriminatory rule I promise to tell everyone that your penis is enormous, and that the only thing bigger is your ego.

Gloria Allred
Attorney at Law
representing Jenna Talackova
April 10, 2012

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