New era dawns at HRC

Chris Johnson of the Blade looks at Chad Griffin’s incoming tenure as the president of HRC.

The challenge for Chad is that organizations don’t always like upstarts, i.e., people who try to tell them to do things differently than they’ve always done.  There’s a reason large organizations are usually not as nimble and edgy, as I said in the article, as smaller organizations and individuals – they’re built to be carefully-considered slow-moving juggernauts, what with the never-ending concerns about what the various donors and board members think.

And while slow and careful can be thoughtful, in politics it also can mean missed opportunity and appeasement.   The thing is, as much as I’ve criticized HRC, and other progressive groups in town, I’m at the age where I’m just not sure they can be any better than they are.  Large non-profits are built for inaction.  And it can be difficult for someone new to come in and try to steer the ship in a new direction.  I hope it’s not impossible.  Keep an eye on Chad, and hope.

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