Anti-gay GOPer Aaron Schock refuses to answer question: Are you gay or straight?

Cong. Aaron Schock (R-IL),
closeted heterosexual.

Some would like us to believe that anti-gay GOP Congressman Aaron Schock is simply a closeted heterosexual.

You know the type.  Men who are so uncomfortable with the fact that they really like girls, that they avoid the question all together of whether they’re straight.  Whenever asked if they’re straight or gay, they run rather than answer the question, lest anyone find out that they’re really heterosexual.

Yeah, right.

Those guys don’t exist. There is no such thing as a closeted heterosexual. The last closeted heterosexual we found in the GOP was former party chair Ken Mehlman, and we all know how that one turned out.

So when anti-gay GOP Congressman Aaron Schock was asked by Mike Signorile at the GOP convention if he’s gay, Schock stormed off and refused to answer, saying it’s “ridiculous and inappropriate” to ask.

Why? I’m not afraid to say that I’m gay. And I’ve never met a straight guy in my life who was afraid to say that he was straight. We’re to believe that Schock is straight, but so offended by the question – so offended, why exactly? – that he refuses to even answer it.

I can imagine questions that are so offensive that I wouldn’t answer them. Whether I’m gay or straight isn’t one of them. And it certainly isn’t one of them if you’re a straight man in the Republican party who’s being talked about as possibly the next Illinois governor.

So Aaron Schock is now a closeted heterosexual.


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