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We actually have two different email lists at AMERICAblog that might interest you.

List 1: An email a day with links to the posts of the past 24 hours.

We’ve been using a system for a while that we haven’t promoted much, whereby you can get a listing of the day’s posts by email once a day.  Use the box above to join that list.  Considering it’s sometimes hard to visit a site several times a day, the email is a nice way to stay up to date with what’s going on.  Here’s a snippet of today’s email that I just received, listing all today’s posts and a quick snippet of each post:

List 2: The second option to consider is our new weekly update.

Every Monday we send out an email detailing the three most popular/important stories or so on AMERICAblog Gay and the main AMERICAblog home page over the past week. We’ll also be sending out occasional action alerts. Again, the thought is that it’s hard to visit any Web site every day. This way you’ll at least get a quick summary once a week of the most popular stories we wrote in the past week, and you can check them out if they interest you. You can sign up for our weekly email here.  And the email is written by me personally, not some machine.

Thanks so much, JOHN

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