NOM admits Regnerus study was bogus

A gay blogger attended NOM’s anti-gay student conference and got an earful about that Regnerus study that supposedly, but didn’t, show that gay parents are bad for kids. It seems NOM is admitting that we were all correct, the study doesn’t really look at that many real gay families.

Economist Douglas Allen, a speaker at NOM’s conference: “[Regnerus] came up with some shocking results. What’s good about his study: so he wanted to use a large sample, and he tried but he still ended up with fairly small numbers given his definition. He wanted to use a wide range of hard measures, that’s very commendable. He has about forty different measures. And, I think what’s most commendable, he posted or has agreed to post, all of his data, all of his procedures, all of his work. That’s a huge leap forward in this literature. What’s not so good about it, well this is what he’s gotten beat up for. So he has a very wide definition of what it means to grow up in a same-sex household. ‘I grew up in an opposite-sex household, but my dad had an affair with another man when I was twelve,’ that counts as growing up in a same-sex household. A lot of people have said ‘no, that counts as him growing up in a dysfunctional household.’ And, you know, they’re probably right about that. So that’s the Achilles heel of this study, but he has been literally vilified in the blogosphere and all over the place. And of course, he admits this, he’s also unable to disentangle all of his effects. But he admits that. He says “look, I’m finding all these really seriously bad correlations.” You know, if you grew up in a same-sex household, by his definition, you are multiple times more likely to face sexual abuse, for example.” [emphasis added]

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