Russians talk of fining Madonna $17k for mentioning the gay during her concert

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 13:37:49 +0400
From: Polina Savchenko

Madonna defends the Gay community during her St. Petersburg Concert

The Pop Star and Gay Icon Madonna who recently held a tribute for Pussy Riot, the feminist punk band, in Moscow, took a step to support the LGBT Community yesterday in Saint Petersburg. The LGBT community is indeed victim of a new homophobic law which prohibits all kind of public demonstrations or publications related to homosexuality, bisexuality or transgenderness.

As promised, Madonna delivered a moving speech between Open Your Heart and Masterpiece in which she praised democracy, love and freedom and compared the LGBT fights to Martin Luther King’s fights for equality. She added that gay people should be treated with love and dignity and that it was not right to use religion to promote hate to a certain group.

LGBT organization Coming Out , printed 330 rainbow posters with the saying “No Fear” that were distributed to the crowd. Although some posters were confiscated by security, their display had a huge emotional effect during the show. Many fans raised them during Madonna’s speech, and she reacted by saying “No Fear, that’s right” before insisting that fear was the basis of all discrimination, and that tolerance could only be guaranteed by love, the opposite of fear. During the performance of “Like A Prayer”, while dancers were raising a rainbow flag provided by a member of Coming Out and the Russian LGBT Network, Madonna took a “No Fear” poster from the crowd and raised it for 25,000 people to see. Same as for “Pussy Riot” support in Moscow, she had tattooed her back, this time with “No Fear.” Gay bashing scenes from gay demonstrations in Russia, pictures of teenagers who died because of homophobia, and many gay and lesbian kisses were shown during the very political “Nobody Knows Me” Interlude Video.

Madonna’s support was extremely moving. Most of the mostly heterosexual crowd reacted positively to her message by raising pink wristbands that were distributed to everyone to support the LGBT community. The LGBT in the audience received Madonna’s support with both smiles and tears, and gratified her with the universal message “We love you” at the end of the show.

Author of the “propaganda” law in St. Petersburg, Vitaly Milonov today declared that Madonna broke the law and is planning to charge her with a fine of 500,000 rubles ($17 000).

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