Signorile sandbags GOP Cong Schock on whether he’s gay

I wrote last week about how Mike Signorile cornered the orientationally-embattled GOP Congressman Aaron Schock on the GOP convention floor, and asked him whether he’s gay or not. Schock was not amused, called the question ridiculous, and then stormed away.

Schock is quite anti-gay legislatively, while being quite gay culturally.

GOP Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois, the subject of persistent gay rumors since he took office in 2009, said on Thursday that questions about his sexual orientation and how it might relate to his antigay voting record and positions are “inappropriate and ridiculous” and not “worthy of further response.” He also stated, “I’ve said that before,” when asked if he is confirming that he is not gay, and added, “You can look it up.”

Perhaps one of the reasons people wonder whether Schock is gay is because he answers questions about dating as a closeted gay man would. This from Details:

Schock is hoping his romantic prospects will improve too, once he settles in. He’s the only one of his siblings not married with children, and is similarly an outlier among his friends. “I had a group of five or six guys, and we hung out and traveled—ski trips and stuff,” he says. “They slowly got picked off—married, married, married.” His pals try not to dog him about his love life. “I think he’s got enough pressure as it is,” says Shea Ledford, a concrete worker who’s been Schock’s good friend since high school. Indeed, there’s been enough speculation about Schock’s confirmed-bachelor status that, as far back as 2004, a Chicago newspaper asked him whether he was gay (his response: “No . . . I’m not.”). But D.C. receptions and fund-raisers where the other attendees are, as Schock notes, “two and three times my age” hardly make for a ripe pickup scene. Neither do the baby-kissing events back in Illinois. “There’s no line of young ladies at my door every morning,” he says. “Maybe when they read my Details profile . . . “

Yeah, just too busy to find the right girl. We’ve all used that line. I’m not saying that Aaron Shock is gay. I’m saying that Aaron Shock acts an awful lot like a gay. And in my experience, they’re often the same thing.

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