Gay couple wins Amazing Race, big prime-time kiss, Gmail & Facebook crash

amazing-race-gay-couple-wins-6Okay, so maybe Gmail crashing today wasn’t the fault of the gays winning the Amazing Race TV competition last night. Though I’m not going to make any promises about Facebook, and we do still control the weather, so don’t f with us.

Anyway, so a gay couple wins on a major TV show, and celebrates with a big ole prime time smooch (see photos below). In my view, that’s a thing.

Why? As I’ve explained before, because it matters. As I wrote recently aboug the fact that Nate Silver is gay:

Some of you, I know, will ask, “why does it matter?”

It matters because it matters. When gay people still are having their civil rights voted on, like some high school popularity contest, and we often lose, then it matters who in famous-land is gay because it puts another face to the “gay menace” and makes it that much less menacing.

It’s long been held that people become more supportive of our civil rights if they know someone gay. And even if (or perhaps even better if) the person is a “celebrity” who you don’t know personally, but perhaps feel even more strongly about than someone you actually know – finding out they’re gay helps to soften any internal opposition you might have.

It also doesn’t hurt, when gay kids are killing themselves because they refuse to believe that it will ever get better, for those same kids to see adult role models who are happy, successful, well-loved and admired, and yes, gay.

So yeah, until it stops mattering that we’re gay, it matters that you’re gay.

When I see a gay couple, on national TV, kissing in joy as any other “normal” American couple would, yeah, for me, it matters.

And, I’m sorry, but is this the year of the Gay Geek or what?







And here’s the video of the last two minutes of the show, showing them winning.

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44 Responses to “Gay couple wins Amazing Race, big prime-time kiss, Gmail & Facebook crash”

  1. Donzi says:

    Karma is everything in life. The other teams stole from each other, double crossed others, and on and on. The Beekmans played a smart game. I love underdogs. Congratulations!

  2. aih clap says:

    that kiss made me hard :D

  3. traser says:

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  4. Maria says:

    “Amazing Race” is the only reality show that I proudly tell other people I watch and try to get others interested in it as well. There are sometimes “ugly Americans” moments in it, and some backstabbing. But one of the most beautiful moments across all seasons was during this past season when Josh from the winning couple hugged the girl from another team and helped her do the task that involved opening the locks. I also loved the final where every other team just got slapped from badmouthing the team that ended up winning.

  5. rmthunter says:

    I’ve been noticing that more and more — the great support gay couples are getting from the people around them. The reaction of the audience when the winner of the Aussie Big Brother whatever proposed to his boyfriend on stage was spectacular.

    The times, they are certainly are a’changin’.

  6. Mike Serkin says:

    How is Brent and Josh kissing any different from a husband and wife or a boyfriend and girlfriend kissing during the course of the race? They are two humans sharing their love for each other. The problem is that there are still far too many homophobic people and narrow minded people out there.

  7. UPDATE: It’s them.

  8. That’s actually the biggest reason I never watched. I had the feeling that all of these shows were about stabbing the other participants in the back. I hate those kind of shows. I get enough of that in my day job :)

  9. karmanot says:

    Actually crucifxing Uganda’s leadership my be more in line with their Christian beliefs.

  10. I had the same feeling, those 4 behind them – the guy and the 3 women, seemed so elated, it was nice to see.

  11. Don’t know if folks noticed, but Josh & Brent, the couple that won, just posted in the comments down below. I can’t prove it’s them, but I did a little sleuthing and it sure looks like them. Feel free to give em a congrats.

  12. Hey guys! I almost missed this. Congrats on your win! And that’s so sweet of you to come by the blog. Obviously, I can’t prove this is you, but suspect it is ;-) I have to admit to have never watched the show, but still was tickled, and proud, when I watched you win, so thus the post. Good work :)

  13. Naja pallida says:

    I agree, and conversely, I think the show has actually done a lot to show basic dysfunction and lack of communication in relationships of all sorts. How the race really takes a couple coming together to overcome their individual limitations to succeed.

  14. Josh & Brent says:

    Thank you, John. We are longtime fans of your writing and appreciate all of your activism.

  15. fritzrth says:

    Yes. I loved the kiss. And I loved the affection they obviously share. But what really got to me was the unequivocal support that the rest of the racers were showing these two. I don’t know if it was simply show for the cameras, but their thrill at seeing these two guys win seemed very honest and real to me.

  16. laurie says:

    Love, love, love this! Hooray!

  17. dula says:

    The Gay angle will be helpful. It’s great than finally Gay is so mainstream. Now maybe we can focus more completely on Class issues…the biggest issue of all. The winners of this race claim that somehow scavenging for a $million on a game show has relevance to “those who are unemployed, losing their homes. If you just work hard and keep trying, somebody will help you.” These two already had upwardly mobile lives in Manhattan, and then took a risk and moved upstate to create a reality show around their goat farm, selling products made from the farm. Their big tradegy is that they weren’t able to become the next Martha Stewart Corporation. Now they position themselves, through sheer, first world ambition/narcissism, on a meaningless tv show and are reduced to tears as though they saved somebody’s life rather than their big fabulous careers. Their own reality show got picked up for another season. I’m sure they’ll have a self-help book out soon about how they applied metaphysical principals to overcome their heartbreaking “problems,” and how we can do the same if we only worked harder.

  18. beandog9 says:

    We were out Sunday night celebrating Chanukah with my family. I wish I wasn’t such a religious (wink) reader of your blog now….

  19. rmthunter says:

    I agree completely — it does matter. Habituation moves things like two men kissing into the realm of the normal, and after a century of being told we’re not normal, it’s way past time we started correcting that bit of misinformation.

    Funny footnote: I had to giggle a little bit — it figures that their winning leg would be in a taxi in NYC.

  20. Lisa Dahlen says:

    I love the Amazing Race and watched this whole season after missing the past two. I was a fan of the Beekman Boys all along, especially since they had trouble all through the race and many of the other teams liked to diss them as weak. I love the underdogs and felt they were very passionate about the race (and bickered like any old married couple, which was cute). They supported one another and played the game very well. I am so glad they won! The Monster Truck guy said that “he completely changed his mind” about gay people — something which his wife was very happy about. Nice ending and sweet kiss, too!

  21. Sweetie says:

    That doesn’t sound very American to me! Where are the public stocks?

    I’m smelling witchery.

  22. Sweetie says:

    How about bringing humanity to Uganda’s leadership and the fake Christian hacks from here who go there to spread their venom?

    Oh, and do something about Russia. Stalin is long dead. It’s time for that country to enter the 21st century.

  23. usagi says:

    True. I haven’t watched it in years (but I do remember Chip and Reichen). Still, this feels different. Seeing nothing but the stills in the post, this couple feels like they were cast differently (less for the “gay” slot than for the “likable married couple” slot).

  24. JamesR says:

    You might also like their show it’s kinda like a gay (reality) Green Acres LOL. And it’s teaching me how to farm. It’s been renewed / picked up for a 2013 season on the Cooking Channel.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

  25. Papa Bear says:

    I’ve always figured that if I have a problem with ANYone showing affection, then I really need to see a shrink…

  26. Naja pallida says:

    Amazing Race has been around for 11 years now, with like 21 seasons… and almost every season they generally have at least one gay couple, or at least have a couple that ping the gaydar heavily even if they aren’t being openly affectionate on camera. Even as a mainstream network show, they really haven’t shied away from it at all.

  27. It DOES matter. 3 years ago Adam Lambert kissed a guy on the American Music Awards and his appearances on Good Morning America and Dick Clarks’ Rockin New Years Eve were cancelled. The View wouldn’t feature him LIVE, etc. NOW – same sex kissing on TV are common.

  28. Nhia says:

    I was shocked that they won because usually an LGBT couple usually gets eliminated around the 5th episode. I’m very happy for them. Although, to be honest i was rooting for Team Chippendale.

  29. Sara says:

    I think you might like it. The ones who do well are those who embrace the challenges of doing completely new things, cooperating with people in new cultures, and generally do not stab anyone else in the back. The show’s producers clearly value those who are interested in the world and accepting of differences. And they go new places and do things that are really marvelous, and in a respectful way. I love this show.

  30. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    My late husband was crazy about this show. I know longer watch it, but I do have a great memory. Chip and Reichen, a gay couple, won a few years ago. I believe that I heard they kissed, but CBS wouldn’t show the kiss. The even worse news is that they soon separated. They were also quite luscious looking.

  31. JLSR says:

    Brought tears to MY eyes!

  32. percysowner says:

    In addition to all this, they are genuinely nice people. This thank you is an incredibly lovely thank you to everyone who they met on the race.

  33. Oh no! Sorry, I figured everyone had heard the news – I don’t even watch the show and have heard about it a few times! Sorry about that.

  34. I’ve never really watched it, and did kind of think of it as a reality show.

  35. Dakotahgeo says:

    I love it, I love it, I love it!!! Thanks so much!

  36. BeccaM says:

    Yes, it really, really does matter.

    On broadcast TV, we’ve had decades of increasingly explicit heterosexist PDA (public displays of affection) and bedroom antics that clearly take place either shortly before or shortly after love-making. Yet often it’s still treated as controversial and somehow over-the-line if a gay couple shares a passionate kiss on a national prime-time television show.

    Karmanot is right: This is how we change the narrative about what it means to be gay or lesbian. By being ourselves and not being afraid to show it.

  37. Ron Jaentry says:

    Goddam, f’n spoiler in the headline! Grah! FFS.

  38. karmanot says:

    You bet. It does matter and you are a perfect example of how out and brave changes the narrative. Just wonderful!

  39. usagi says:

    I said on your post a while back about The Newlyweds show that featured a same-sex couple, this sort of stuff is important. Ten-fifteen years ago only MTV had openly gay couples on their game shows because it was “edgy.” If the big three are doing it now, it’s mainstream pretty much by definition. That’s what victory looks like.

  40. FunMe says:

    I just tried to get into Facebook … no wonder I couldn’t get in. “The gays” always messing up my life. ;-)

  41. Suemarie says:

    I love the Amazing Race. I love it when they go to places I’ve been and I love it when they go to places I want to go. Almost every season has had at least one gay couple competing – another reason to love the show. (This isn’t the first win by a gay team.) After the goat farmers above won, the redneck husband said he learned a lesson about oh I don’t remember, but basically gay people are just people. I think seeing the gay teams normalizes gayness for so many people who aren’t otherwise exposed. I agree, John, it matters.

    That said, I was rooting for the chippendales (hot, friendly, and playing so they can help one of them’s dad to not work during cancer treatment, I mean, come on). Though the guys who won were not as physically adept as the other teams, with their education and travel experience and home turf advantage, they surely were not underdogs.

  42. UncleBucky says:

    First gmail and facebook, next we’re concentrating on the thought beams to bring down a megachuch or some such. Heh.

  43. jixter says:

    This is one of your best posts, John! Well done, Sir!

    “The Amazing Race” is, often, just that – and this particular Race was jaw-dropping. The couple that won last night were the least likely to have done so because they lagged behind and stumbled their way through most of the Race’s legs, while the more obviously capable couples ahead of them laughed at their lameness.

    Although “The Amazing Race” may be considered by many to be, essentially, trash tv, this season’s Race was a good example of tv at its best.

    For those of you who don’t watch it but are now interested, CBS has it online, for free. Give yourselves a treat and watch this one. You’ll be “amazed”. Great TV (in caps, this time).

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