French Assembly approves gay marriage, goes to Senate, expected to pass

Earlier this month the French parliament approved gay marriage, but yesterday the entire law (not just individual components of it) was formally approved.

After the initial approval, they still had to debate other parts of the broader law and that has now been settled. The bill will now move to the Senate for confirmation, where it is expected to pass and become law.

The religious right in France, led by the Catholic Church, lost badly — as their vocal opposition did not sway the vote at all.

NBC News:

The Assembly has been debating the bill, and voting on its individual articles in recent weeks. The overall legislation now goes in the coming weeks to the Senate, which also is controlled by the governing Socialists and their allies.

Gay parents with baby via Shutterstock

Gay parents with baby via Shutterstock

With Tuesday’s vote, France joins Britain in taking a major legislative step in recent weeks toward allowing gay marriage and adoption — making them the largest European countries to do so. The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain, as well as Argentina, Canada and South Africa have authorized gay marriage, along with nine U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

The issue has exposed fault lines between a progressive-minded leftist legislative majority in officially secular France, and the country’s conservative religious roots. Critics — including many Roman Catholics — have railed that the bill would erode the traditional family. Socialists, however, sought to depict the issue as one of equal rights, and they played off France’s famed Revolution-era motto of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.”

The religious right is now holding out hope that this will be struck down by the constitutional courts. French president Hollande has recently lost one battle (over taxes) there so it’s not clear how this will be viewed there.

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7 Responses to “French Assembly approves gay marriage, goes to Senate, expected to pass”

  1. Robert Frano says:

    Re: “The religious right in France, led by the Catholic Church, lost badly — as their vocal opposition did not sway the vote at all…”

    I am engaged to / involved with the same woman since late 1983;
    We’ve ‘lived in sin’, according to some of the superficially pious, (off ‘N on; MOSTLY ‘ON’!) like forever, and in the not toooooo distant future, we’re taking that additional, solidifying mated-pair-bonding step that…
    When taken by gays…
    Upsets those ‘Mericans’, who claim that Jesus wants zygotes, (derived via ‘knife-point’ gangbangs),
    birthed, regardless of what any recalcitrant, (rape surviving), preggors-woman / girl feels about such barbarity!

    I, like, TOTALLY, support the right of ANY pair of homo.sapiens.allegedly.sapient to be married, and I ALWAYS supported that right, (and the right to any abortion, by/for, any preggors), even back 40+ years ago when i was a nearly…
    A monks-robe-wearing intolerant Monotheist, of ‘R.C.C.’ sub-sect;
    Currently NeoPagan, I am Catholic by ancestry; (reaffiliated since the mid-’60’s!).

    I have ALWAYS believed that the so-called, (‘lost, at birth’), cultural war-warriors suffer from myopic vision: The country that restricts abortion, etc. on a Tuesday can just as easily do a ‘180, screaming right turn’ and demand abortion, (like China), on a Wednesday!

    Although it’s (slightly), ‘off topic’…
    I’m vasectomized w/o previous.crotch.fruit, since ’94-5!

  2. hollywoodstein says:

    I thought the extra judicial sharia courts were officially not allowed. Am I wrong or are these informal, or official tolerated?

  3. hollywoodstein says:

    It is an interesting political question, what a democracy should do when an element of the populace is predisposed to enact anti enlightenment, undemocratic ideals should they become the majority, including changing the constitution guaranteeing unpopular, individual rights? After all majority rules, right?
    Chris in Paris, any thoughts on how the French are trying to navigate these shoals?

  4. nicho says:

    No, unfortunately the imams in Europe set up their own “courts.” They sentence people to be punished and even executed. A while back in Spain, they sentenced a woman to death. She was saved at the last minute by the Spanish police. In other cases, they have had people kidnapped and taken back to Muslim countries for punishment. A teenage boy in Barcelona was sentenced to be beaten for playing soccer with non-Muslims. Women are routinely beaten for not shrouding themselves.

  5. hollywoodstein says:

    Simple really, Let people be free. Clear as a bell.
    And if you want to be free to keep other people not free keep it inside the walls of your make believe church, where fewer and fewer thinking people will be joining you, but for heaven’s sake keep it out of our government thank you.

  6. hollywoodstein says:

    If the European reactionaries really want to keep the Muslims out of the EU forget banning the death penalty, simply require recognition of same sex marriage. Let’s see how many imams from the religion of peace advocate for equality.

  7. UncleBucky says:

    Hooray, France! Just as Hooray Illinois soon to come, we hope! Patience no more. Governor Quinn, have that pen at the ready, cousin!

    Oh, and maybe my project of learning French this year will actually come to some use, hehe!

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