Photo essay, transcript, audio: Supreme Court Prop 8 gay marriage case

UPDATE: Where can you get the transcript and audio of today’s oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry?  Right here. The transcript of today’s Supreme Court oral arguments on the Proposition 8 (Prop 8) gay marriage case is here, and you can find the audio of the arguments here. I’ve posted the entire transcript at the bottom of this post.

I went to the Supreme Court this morning to cover the Prop 8 gay marriage hearing, from the outside – it was quite a jovial scene.  First, a few article summarizing what happened today, then my photo essay to give you a sense of the scene – you can click on the bottom right “next” button to see the next photo.  There are about 30 of them. And I’ve posted video from this morning below as well.

SCOTUSblog explains how the arguments went this morning.
Chris Geidner’s report at Buzzfeed on what he thinks happened this morning.
Huffington Post’s take.

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This is Kelly and Jack, from DC, and two of their three kids Ravyn,Cardel and Raine. While being interviewed, the smaller boy on the right told a radio show, “God loves everybody.” Adorable. © John Aravosis 2013

It was a powerful morning – almost a jovial atmosphere outside the Supreme Court.  I got there around 8:45am, the arguments began at 10am.  But by 8:45am it was already packed outside – wall to wall people, and all, 100%, on our side.  The bad guys were NOWHERE to be found.  It was a huge tactical mistake on their part – they organized elsewhere and decided to show up at 10am AFTER much of the media had already taken its photos and left.  Any freshman in college PR major could tell you that thew media wants photos in front of the Supreme Court.  And the only people in front of the Supreme Court were gay people and our allies.  Oh well.

And here’s a video of the pro-gay throngs outside the Supreme Court this morning.  This was about 845am – you’ll notice that there isn’t an anti-gay in sight.

And here are pro-gay forces chanting across the street from the Supreme Court as the anti-gay go marching by at 10am, just as the oral arguments begin inside.

And here is the entire transcript of today’s oral arguments:


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