Not-very-bright anti-gay bigots in France film selves vandalizing Paris’ LGBT center

It takes a really special kind of “stupid” to film yourself, including faces, committing a hate crime, and then posting the evidence on YouTube. But that’s what happened recently, when anti-gay “pro-family” bigots in Paris vandalized the city’s “LGBT Center,” filmed the entire thing, and then published it to YouTube.

Reportedly, someone figured out that providing the cops evidence of your own hate crime isn’t a very bright idea.

Also, just to add to the nastiness, the anti-gay-marriage homophobes used a soundtrack from Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the video.

Keep in mind that this is the same anti-gay movement that uses children as human shields against tear gas, and violently attacks the police, in addition to being aligned with fascists. So perhaps none of this is surprising.

At the end of the video, the brainiacs finally put on masks for the camera. A bit late for that.


They’re the same masks worn by German neo-Nazis. ┬áHere’s the mask:


And here’s the video of the German neo-Nazis:

Here are a few of the faces of family values criminals caught in the video:






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