Stephen Colbert on GOP youth survey listing “in the closet” as a sexual orientation

Stephen Colbert picked up our story from the other day about how a new youth outreach survey from the RNC lists “in the closet” as a sexual orientation. (Colbert flashed another site on his show, that links to our story, but we’re not bitter ;-)

This is Colbert’s take on the GOP effort to reach out to young voters. As always, hysterical.

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9 Responses to “Stephen Colbert on GOP youth survey listing “in the closet” as a sexual orientation”

  1. Shug Knight says:

    Ok, I know this story is old now, but I did manage to take the survey before it was closed and it was mind-numbingly, hilariously bad. Until I saw this article today, I actually hadn’t ruled out that it was just a parody or someone trolling, because I got to the survey from a link on facebook that had no explanation. One questions refers to “illegals,” one question asks if you view the party as fun (about as fun as a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound, thanks), and the question about who should decide if gay marriage should be legal had…amazingly poorly conceived answer choices: a) something along the lines of, “people should be able to marry whoever they want” [a little broad, perhaps?] b) “voters”, and c) “the government” [um…a little broad, again…]

    What a circus.

  2. We try to link to any original content – we were the ones who discovered the survey’s weird gay questions, no one had it until we wrote about it – no one to my knowledge had even written about the survey at all. If another site writes about an article in a newspaper, we may or may not reference the site that wrote about the article – all depends, but that to me is not as much “original content” as actually finding something yourself.

  3. Yeah, I bet!

  4. milli2 says:

    Oh, the survey is now closed. Darn.

  5. Bj Lincoln says:

    Leave it to him and John to keep things in perspective. Very funny.

  6. SkippyFlipjack says:

    I’ve submitted items to this site before that were used as posts with no attribution to anyone. Not that I’m bitter. ;-)

  7. I know, I was bummed I didn’t catch that part in the survey. Still cool that he picked it up.

  8. karmanot says:


  9. BeccaM says:

    We just finished watching this episode on the DVR.

    Another howlingly funny moment was when he described the question asking if Republicans discriminate against any people — and noted that ‘White People’ were the only group actually listed as ‘People.’ The rest were Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Gays and Lesbians, etc. He said he had to go with ‘Republicans do not discriminate against ANY people’ — because only whites were labeled as such.

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