One of the most touching gay marriage ads, ever (video)

I stumbled up on this gay marriage ad by accident on YouTube. I was going to watch another video, and an ad came on first, and suddenly it caught my attention. It was from Lambda Legal, about the need to legalize gay marriage in Illinois.

And what a great ad.

Together 30 years.

Together 30 years.

It’s rare that anyone sings the praises of any pro-gay ad, though there have been a few were that were just amazing.  But this one is just so warm and fuzzy, and educational, I love it.

lesbian-couple illinois

Together 12 years.

The ad showcases a variety of couples – young old, black, white, male, female – and it’s just wonderful. I especially love the two guys who have been together for 50 years.


Together 50 years.

The gay marriage battle in Illinois had a hiccup recently – reportedly because of problems with state House black caucus and potentially the Latino caucus – but hopefully with ads like this we’ll be able to convince, and/or shame, Democrats (and even some Republicans) to do the right thing.

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