Daily Show’s Samantha Bee on the Homosexual-Industrial Complex (video)

A masterful performance by the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee on how the Homosexual-Industrial Complex bullies anti-gay Christian bullies. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.


I’ve always thought Samantha Bee was the best thing the Daily Show had going, but she’s truly outdone herself on this segment.  The thing I can’t figure out is why anyone, on the bad guy side of the aisle, would sit for an interview like this?  She made him look like an idiot.  The scene of her walking down a busy city street with him, and she yells at people walking on the sidewalk – “Christian, coming through! Hey, watch out, I’ve got a Christian!” – IS PRICELESS.

Here’s another segment, then the entire video at the bottom – this is amazing stuff.

SAMANTHA BEE: It was clear that intolerance towards Christians is a huge problem. In his mind.

And though there are countless actual examples of appalling intolerance against homosexuals, that’s missing the real story.

RELIGIOUS RIGHT PREACHER MATT SLICK: The reverse happens as well.  Where homosexuals go out and find straights to beat up.



SAMANTHA BEE: Are you sure about that?

MATT SLICKThese kind of events are not publicized very well, why isn’t this being covered?

SAMANTHA BEE: Yes, why is this hypothetical violence not being covered, or recorded, or even occurring? Maybe it’s because the figures are being hushed up by the Homosexual-Industrial Complex.

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