The View takes on GOP’s Cuccinelli over “sodomy” (view)

The women of The View took on Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, today, over his now-infamous proposal to make all sodomy in Virginia illegal.

Cuccinelli’s proposal includes making it illegal for heterosexual married couples to practice oral and anal sex in their own bedrooms.

To date, Cuccinelli has failed to disclose whether his wife Teiro has ever given him a blowjob, or whether he has performed cunnilingus on Teiro. Cuccinelli has also not disclosed if he has anally penetrated Teiro, which would be a crime under Cuccinelli’s “traditional” view of marriage.

Of course it’s supremely offensive to be forced to ask Teiro Cuccinelli if she has ever fellated the current state attorney general, or been anally penetrated by the state’s top law enforcement official. But it’s not clear how Cuccinelli can argue that his sexual practices with his wife Teiro are somehow off-limits, when Cuccinelli wants to make your sexual practices a centerpiece of his governor’s campaign.

It would be akin to Cuccinelli demanding jail time for people who smoke marijuana at home, then refusing to answer questions about whether he smokes marijuana at home.

Ken Cuccinelli has made the private sex lives of consenting adults a campaign issue. He made his bed, as it were, now he and his wife Teiro can sleep in it.

But only in missionary position.

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