Pat Robertson wants Facebook to install a “vomit” button for when he sees gays

Religious right television preacher, and former Republican presidential candidate, Pat Robertson, says he’d like Facebook to change their “like” button to “vomit” so he can push it when he sees pictures of gay couples.


PAT ROBERTSON: “You’ve got a couple of same-sex guys kissing… well, that makes me want to throw up…. To me, I would punch ‘vomit,’ not ‘like.’ “

You know, it’s not the first time Pat Robertson has had a problem with gay men and their sex getting all in his face. Robertson had a similar problem all the way back in 1998 — you should not click and read this link if you are at the office, I’m being serious – this is the link.

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50 Responses to “Pat Robertson wants Facebook to install a “vomit” button for when he sees gays”

  1. Jay says:

    *slow clap* Let me guess, you also think English should be the national language when you clearly can’t speak it.

  2. malibujd44 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE why do you keep giving this discusting hateful religious hypocrite semi-human
    a platform? I can only wish him a very painful death that hopefully will come soon. Please stop reporting about him. He is nothing. If he wasn’t so rich he would have been in a mental hospital long ago.

  3. Butch1 says:

    Just one look into those evil eyes should tell a person exactly where he stands. Those are not eyes of love; they reveal a soulless demon lurking back out at you. I’m just surprised his teeth are not pointed and his ears aren’t pointed as well. ( oh my, they are indeed! ) ;-)

  4. Butch1 says:

    This cretin is totally obsessed with everything to do with being gay. Now why could that be? I just wish all those old skeletons would come crashing out of his closet on top of his smelly old carcass finally putting an end to him once and for all.

    I know I’ve just about heard enough from this evil man.

  5. JLSR says:

    Pat–I think thou dost protest too much. Aren’t people who claim to be friends w/Jesus supposed to love everyone?

  6. TheAngryFag says:

    That’s amazing, because when he opens his mouth I vomit up things I ate as a child Exorcist style. Anton LaVey was a better Christian than this tool.

  7. karmanot says:

    The Bible has its Golem made of clay, nowadays it’s Pat Robertson made of vomit.

  8. Thom Allen says:

    Pat Robertson is amazing in his ability to separate people from their money. He’s a major charlatan, liar and thief and yet, his “congregation” continues to adore him. He predicted (by interpreting God’s messages to him) the end of the world in the 80s, predicted that a tsunami would strike California, a major terrorist attack would occur in the US in 2008 with massive casualties, that Bush would win in a landslide over Kerry (hardly) and that Obama would lose to Romney, among others. Oddly, God never warned him about the real disasters that have occurred: the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina for example. But God did tell him, after these events that they happened because the US sanctioned abortions, that gays and lesbians were getting too much support, the ACLU was . . . well, you get the idea. But his followers don’t.

    He told people that he served in Korea during the war there. In reality, he spent little time there. His Senator-father pulled strings to get him stationed in Japan.

    He’s also been involved in shady national and international deals. Partnering with mass murderers in Africa to forward his investments there. He told his followers that their donations were being used to send food to starving Africans on the planes that their donations bought. In reality, many of these flights were to transport equipment to Africa that would be used to further his business interests there.

    Incredible that he still has a base and that it sends him millions of dollars/year, supports him and his “ministry, his university and his incredible BS. Sounds like his supporters are just as gullible as most of the Rebuplicon’s base is. Hmmm, maybe there’s a connection . . .

  9. Carol Corbett says:

    How about a vomit button for when Pat Robertson appears on TV

  10. Steve_in_CNJ says:

    Every one of us had a problem at one time in our lives (usually age 6 to 10) with kissing. If you’re older than 10 and still having a problem with it, you’re kind of a loser.

  11. Whitewitch says:

    Ding ding ding…..winner winner chicken dinner!!!! The real question is why why why does he look…hmmmm maybe he like more then he say?

  12. Whitewitch says:

    Takei RULES!!! I am a faithful follower and love his posts!

  13. ArthurH says:

    But he likes switches… especially with a birch branch

  14. ArthurH says:

    And all those guys in tricorner hats keep clumsily breaking the china at my favorite tea room.

  15. ArthurH says:

    Robertson has long been a Pharisee, somebody who flaunts his piety for religion but seldom practices it. But then, cut him some slack. He hasn’t been the same since his Facebook page was “liked” by the purple Teletubbie.

  16. TampaZeke says:


    Who Would Make Jesus Vomit?

    According to the Bible, the ONLY people who made Jesus sick and disgusted were self-righteous, uber-pious, judgmental, loudmouthed, prideful religious leaders.

    So Pat, you tell me; WWMJV? Me or YOU?

  17. MyrddinWilt says:

    There is plenty of archeological evidence for Alexander. He left cities, there are inscriptions that are contemporaneous. There are very good sources.

    For Jesus there are three non Christian sources and two of them refer to Chrestians who are known to be a different group. Since all the manuscripts were copied by medieval scribes biased towards histories of ‘Christians’ it is not merely thin evidence, it is non existent evidence.

    Suetonius is particularly problematic as by his time the Christians were an established cult and he would have known the difference between Chrestus and Christ.

    The gospels are not a literal history, they are intended to convey a deeper truth. There is a literal reading, a moral reading, an allegorical reading and an anagogical meaning. The gospels were written by people who believed that a belief in ‘Christ’ was the route to salvation. The Christ myth itself is in the old testament, see Isaiah 42:1 (Written 700 and 500 years before Christ) and the book of Elijah. The miracles are all performed by Moses before Jesus. Only Jesus performs each miracle twice because he is twice as powerful.

    We have pretty good sources for the Jewish war. If there had been a rebellion led by Jesus 40 years earlier, why don’t they mention it? Josephus mentions the revolt led by Judas of Galilee, why be silent on Jesus if he started a revolt in the temple itself?

    The New Testament makes very few actual historical claims and when it does make claims they often turn out to be wrong. Events that we know took place after 33AD are inserted into the life of Jesus. At the other end Herod the Great died in 4AD which is before the census of 6AD. So the Joseph and Mary story makes no sense.

    In terms of historical accuracy, the New Testament is to the events of 0-70AD as Game of Thrones is to the War of the Roses.

  18. mark_in_toronto says:

    How about seeing guys killing each other?
    Ever go to the movies?

  19. zorbear says:

    and I wouldn’t want the tea party for all the karma in China…

  20. silas1898 says:

    If there were some “vomit” button. I might even sign up to Facebookk just to “vomit” on Robertson’s page.

  21. Dan in Houston says:

    Pat forgets what Mom taught and Facebook understands…
    If you can’t say something nice…

  22. ckg1 says:

    What Pat didn’t mention:

    When he sees a photo of two WOMEN kissing…he can’t hit the “Like” button fast enough…. :D

  23. truthhurtsUSA says:

    We have the switch button each time Robertson appears on screen.

  24. BeccaM says:

    Frickin’ hate peddler.

    I would not want that man’s karma for all the tea in China.

  25. quax says:

    I think it is important to distinguish between behaviour and attitude. I.e. I was conditioned to anti-gay gut feeling, and this persistent for a long time after I already intellectualized that it was wrong. So my guess is that guest1 may be at that stage.

    For me it took probably a decade to fully get over the nonsense that I absorbed in my teenage days. Fortunately in my completely ignorant days, back in high school, I never had much opportunity nor inclination to act on my anti-gay attitude. I was the nerdy, geeky type of guy, and gays back then (where I grew up) stayed in the closet.

  26. cole3244 says:

    why do i get the feeling that robertson has an episode or two of gay experience in his past if not more, by the way he makes me vomit with his bigoted hatred toward other human beings in the name of god, religious zealotry at its worst in an ugly vessel.

  27. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You sort of contradicted yourself in the last two sentences. I believe that guest1 really feels he/she is just fine with gays and lesbians. If guest1 is male, I suspect he is not bothered by seeing two women kiss. He/she did say the problem was with two guys kissing. If his/her problem is only with guys kissing, then he/she needs to be aware that he/she is exhibiting anti-gay behavior. He/she can not move on from that position, if he/she sees nothing wrong with it.

    You know it is a good thing that most gays and lesbians are not bothered by outward displays of affection between heterosexual couples. The world would be a very difficult place for us if we were bothered by it. I have had straight couples play tonsil hockey in front of me.

  28. quax says:

    Think guest1 deserves some creds for being honest, while not turning this into a political knee-jerk reaction.

    Marriage equality is a matter of basic justice and that’s why I’ve always supported it. But it also took me a while to be ok with the outward display of the affection that gay partners have for each other. Pushing somebody into the anti-gay corner for admitting this doesn’t help. Admitting it is the first step to getting over it.

  29. unclemike says:

    Perhaps if you would stop looking at pictures of guys kissing, the problem would solve itself?

  30. unclemike says:

    Maybe because more than one source mentions Alexander the Great, and they all corroborate each other.

    The only evidence for Jesus is the bible. And it contradicts itself many times.

  31. quax says:

    Indeed, having a vomit button to press any time I have to read or see anything from this guy would bring some relieve. It’s just embarrassing to contemplate that Pat actually is of the same species.

  32. condew says:

    All the pictures I’ve seen of same-sex kisses over the last few weeks have been of newlyweds. While public displays of affection are frowned upon by my cold Scandinavian culture, even we generally make an exception for newlyweds.

  33. David Lynd says:

    Frankly, kissing in public is just a plain ol’ rude, uncouth & classless act for anyone.
    When I see those “others” do “it”eew! I’ll just make a big loud regergitation and spit !
    Just to make it as pleasing for them as it is for me. (not)!
    The one thing that all homo. Biggots display when pointing their finger is a fact that it’s because their infererior of their penis never maturing after puberty. So, jealous. They twist it around to take the focus off their “little-complex”. And attempt to blame others.
    Grandiosity goes hand in hand with idiosity !
    Tanx again fer smearin lil’ patsy

  34. FLL says:

    I’ve heard that an international team of scientists is trying to lure Pat Robertson into participating in an experimental study to suppress vomiting. The complicating factor is that the medication is an unstable chemical mixture that must be kept solid and applied for extended periods of time. The only thing that the nice doctors will need to know from Robertson is if he prefers it orally or as a suppository.

  35. Monoceros Forth says:

    It turns out that all the accounts are written after AD 70 which is 40
    years after the event when all the eye witnesses are dying off.

    When it comes to classical historiography forty years after the event (or even a hundred and forty) is practically yesterday. Nobody suggests that Alexander the Great never existed or seriously questions the events of his career even though all good sources were written centuries after his death.

  36. MyrddinWilt says:

    Pat Robertson has made himself hundreds of millions by preaching the wealth gospel and persuading poor people to give him money they need and he does not. If there was any truth to the lies he preaches he would be the anti-Christ not his representative on earth as he claims.

    I have been reading a book by Richard Carrier recently in which he sets out the framework for determining if there is any evidence Jesus existed at all. Turns out the answer is no. There is no contemporary evidence outside the New Testament and the NT record itself is problematic. It turns out that all the accounts are written after AD 70 which is 40 years after the event when all the eye witnesses are dying off. Setting aside the epistles known to be forgeries, Paul does not mention Jesus as a person once. In fact he refers to Jesus only as a character in the scriptures. There is one reference to James ‘the brother of Jesus’ but that could easily be an honorific like ‘vicar of Christ’ or ‘brother in Christ’. If Jesus was a real person then one would expect Paul to have heard of his miracles and deeds on earth and mention them in his letters.

    What seems to have happened is that James was the leader of a Jesus cult based on the parts of the old testament Christians read as prophecy. Paul then extended the cult to gentiles. Round about AD64 the messianic fever among certain Jewish sects reached a fever pitch during which the great fire of Rome breaks out and is blamed on a group called the Chrestians (followers of Chrestus), another Jewish messianic cult leading to abominable reprisals against the Chrestians which might well have set of the Jewish revolt in the Levant and the fall of the Emperor Nero when he can’t regain control. That in turn leads to the destruction of the second temple and the complete suppression of the temple cult. Judaism and Christianity emerge from the aftermath and are keen to put themselves at a distance from the messianic doctrines that could lead to new repression. Christians do this by reinventing the cosmological Jesus as a figure who had actually lived and was persecuted by the Jewish authorities, thus putting the Christians on the same side as the Roman authorities.

    Whether the theory is right or wrong the origins of Christianity are undoubtedly as banal and monegrubing as the origins of the Mormon church or Scientology.

  37. TonyT says:

    I bet he likes the girl on girl action. You know the lipstick lesbians. “Dear Penthouse Forum…

  38. eahopp says:

    George Takei’s FB page:

    4,273,403 likes, 1,957,394 talking about this

    Pat Robertson’s FB Page:

    NONE! Pat does not even have a Facebook Page!

    The 700 Club:

    440,362 likes, 68,309 talking about this.

  39. Monoceros Forth says:

    I feel like vomiting whenever I see Robertson at all, mouth open or no.

  40. eahopp says:

    I’ll accept that, only if I can vomit all over Pat Robertson…..

  41. RepubAnon says:

    To quote Burt Reynolds in “Gator”: “Don’t it just seem that the good die young”?

  42. Won’t his invisible magic friend-in-the-sky PLEASE call him home?

  43. AnitaMann says:

    This festering old pustule is proof that only the good die young.

  44. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Pat doesn’t need to kiss anyone to make me want to throw up; his personality is sufficient.

  45. Indigo says:

    Stimlus/response. I love that Robertson is such a consumer of the American economy’s products. For him to Facebook, he needs many followers but no matter how many buttons he pushes and levers he pulls, he will never be George Takei.

  46. emjayay says:

    Big like 100%.

  47. Jim Olson says:

    And this is the very, very core of all the anti-gay animus. All the anti-marriage-equality stuff. All the violence. Westboro Baptist Church. It is the “ick” factor. Its men who can’t handle the idea of men being sexual with each other. It is deep seated cultural revulsion. Fortunately, it is waning.

  48. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Do you mind seeing a man and a woman kissing? If your answer isn’t yes, there’s a big chance you are anti-gay.

  49. guest1 says:

    Heck I dont like to see guys kissing either, but Im not anti gay

  50. AdmNaismith says:

    Ooh, can I use the ‘vomit’ button every time I see Robertson open his pie hole? Cause, you know, I want to vomit every time he says something stupid and moronic like this.

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