GOP Virginia gubernatorial nominee Cuccinelli’s ongoing effort to ban BJs

Someone clearly needs a hug.  Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, the current state attorney general, is running for governor on a platform of banning oral and anal sex between adults.

Cuccinelli says such laws are necessary in order to stop child predators from sexually assaulting children.


Now, you might ask, why does Ken Cuccinelli need to make it illegal for adult men and women to perform oral sex on each other in the privacy of their own bedrooms in order to protect children?

Answer: Because Republicans in the state legislature, the Virginia General Assembly, have refused for ten years to pass a law protecting kids in the state.

Here’s the deal. In 2003, the US Supreme Court struck down state anti-sodomy laws (laws that made oral and anal sex between consenting adults illegal), which were mostly being used against gay couples.  In Virginia, anti-sodomy laws were also being used, among other things, against child molesters.  But those laws were struck down in 2003 by the Supreme Court, a good ten years ago.  So for the past ten years, what did the Virginia General Assembly, which was mostly controlled by Republicans the past decade, do to ensure that the rape of children was again against the law in Virginia?


In the decade since Lawrence v. Texas struck down Virginia’s anti-sodomy law, the Virginia General Assembly – which has been under GOP control collectively for 18 years, and Democratic control for 4 (if you add the state House and Senate together) – just never bothered to figure out if there was another way to make it illegal for grown men to rape small children, other than banning consulting adults from performing oral sex on each other in their own bedrooms.

So, the law was sat struck down, and now people like Cuccinelli, rather than simply asking the Republicans who currently control the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate to pass a law, you know, making it illegal to have sex with children, wants to instead make it illegal again for adults to have sex with each other.

Next on the Cuccinelli chopping block? (Paul Matthew Photography /

Next on the Cuccinelli chopping block? (Paul Matthew Photography /

And keep in mind: Cuccinelli is himself the attorney general of Virginia. The top law enforcement official.  He, if anyone, was the lead person in the state responsible for making sure that children are protected from sexual predators.  What did Ken Cuccinelli do to get his own party to pass a law specifically protecting children from rape?  Nothing.

What’s going on here is that the Virginia Republican party, like the national GOP, is so hell-bent on hating gays – Cuccinelli has led his own personal jihad against gays for years – and hell-bent on hating sex generally, that they didn’t want to pass a new sodomy law that didn’t ban oral sex between consenting adults.

Had the Virginia GOP passed a law banning sex with children, they’d be tacitly saying that sex between adults, including gay adults, was okay.  And the Virginia Republican party is so uptight, so intolerant, and so discriminatory, that they couldn’t bring themselves to pass a law banning child-rape, lest the absence of language banning consensual sex between adults gave a silent nod to the notion that it’s okay for adults, straight and gay, to have sex, be it oral or any other kind.

So, as a result, the Republican party of Virginia is on a jihad to ban all BJs in the state, straight and gay.

Welcome to today’s Republican party.

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