Alabama GOP tries to force out College Republican chairwoman for being pro-gay

The Alabama Republican party is working on a measure to slap down the state College Republican chairwoman for applauding the Supreme Court’s recent decision on DOMA.

An Alabama Republican Party member’s Facebook post in support of gay marriage catalyzed a proposed amendment to the state party’s bylaws that would remove anyone publicly supporting a position contrary to the national GOP platform from its steering committee,Yellowhammer News¬†reported Thursday.

Good. Kick her out. And watch all of her young friends abandon your racist, sexist, homophobic party for their rest of their long lives.

the South

Does anyone seriously think that the future of the Republican party is Alabama? Well, actually, the future of the GOP is Alabama. And that’s their problem. Because the rest of us, the majority of the country, have/has no desire to embrace Alabama’s backward bigotry and intolerance.

And the really neat thing about the Internet is that every time Alabama Republicans have a political brain fart, we can, and will, broadcast it to the world, and paint every Republican in this country with their backwards bubba bigotry.

So, have a field day, Alabama. ¬†You’re doing our job for us.

Love, the Gays.

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